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The Bedrock Way

We wanted to share with you our philosophy and why we think we’re different from most of the other theme companies out there.

Everything you need, nothing you don’t

At Bedrock Themes we believe we have something new to offer. We are a small group of passionate WordPress developers who love the power and flexibility that WordPress affords many websites (often on shoestring budget). With years of collective experience building WordPress based sites for SMEs and corporates, we are designing our themes to work WITH WordPress and not against it, leveraging built-in functionality where possible rather than reinventing the wheel.

designing our themes to work WITH WordPress and not against it

WordPress has gone from strength to strength since it’s release in 2003 and has enabled many new and existing enterprises to put the power of web to work for them. We want to help you make the most of WordPress and make it as easy as possible to get your business, your blog, your club, church or voluntary group online. Starting with themes, from the beginning we will be offering a “set up” service to help less technical users get up and running fast. Further down the line we have plans to add more services that help you run your online presence.

The “sweet spot”

There are a lot of WordPress themes out there that offer incredible levels of customization, but at the price of complexity when configuring and working with the Theme. The alternative approach of having something fixed and difficult to personalize doesn’t cut it either. We believe there is a middle ground, a “sweet spot”, between customisation options and simplicity. Our themes will offer multiple look & feel options, each one professionally designed and with a degree of customization. Our rationale is that when things become so complex you need to take days learning them and experimenting, your time would be better spent learning the underlying technology like HTML & CSS that will offer you a better and longer lasting payback.

We aren’t stopping with built-in WordPress functionality though, we are designing and testing our themes to work well with the most popular plugins – Jetpack, Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, Page Builder, etc. Rather than bundling all the functionality in the theme – making it bloated, harder to use, creating potential security flaws and more likely to lock you in – our aim is for our themes to work WITH the most popular plugins so you can pick and choose the plugins you want, from the providers you trust and they will work seamlessly with our themes.

Of course, sometimes WordPress might lack specific features that would be useful in a theme and in those cases we’ll add our own plugins and widgets to provide the functionality you need, but in a way that makes it easier to move to another theme if you need to in future.


We want to be part of your success

With you for the journey

Our mission is to help you get a great looking website that is built to best practices up and running fast. Then to help you through the exciting online journey with your blog or website as you grow. We’ve seen how much a website can help a business, help a good cause, or a community and want to be a part of your online success.