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Carbon is now a great simple WooCommerce theme

Version 1.10 of our Carbon theme now supports WooCommerce and has a number of additional settings and widgets to help you setup your online store.

Carbon is now a great simple WooCommerce theme!

New WooCommerce widget & new widget area

Not content with releasing Carbon last month, we’ve been busy here at Bedrock HQ. Carbon v1.10 is now available for download and includes a number of great features. The most exciting new feature is the addition of WooCommerce support so you can use the power of our Carbon theme to run your own online shop using WordPress.

Extra WooCommerce customizer settings

When the (free) WooCommerce plugin has been installed, you’ll see a few extra theme customizer sections. Carbon will use defaults based on your existing colors – you can use the WooCommerce specific settings to override those with your preferred values. You can also change the number of products displayed in product lists and change the shape of the “badge” applied to items on sale.

WooCommerce cart widget & sidebar

As well as the additional customizer sections, installing the WooCommerce plugin will enable a new widget and a new widget area. The “Bedrock Woo Cart Summary” widget allows you to display a brief summary of the current cart/basket in any widget area with a link to the full cart. There are a bunch of options so you can change the cart icon, the color of the icon and decide if you want the cart to show all the time or just when someone adds something to it.

Carbon is now a great simple WooCommerce theme

WordPress 4.5 site logo

WordPress 4.5 has just been released and one of the big new features is the inclusion of standard site logo support in WordPress core. Previously the “official” way to support a site logo was via Jetpack and Carbon supported that approach. We love Jetpack, but not everyone wants (or needs) to install it. Carbon now supports both the Jetpack site logo and the new site logo function in WordPress.

Widescreen support

Carbon now allows your site to use more space – to enable this new feature go to the Theme Customizer and select the Visual Scheme option. There is now an additional Max screen width setting.


That’s all for now, we hope you enjoy using the new features and agree that Carbon is now a great simple WooCommerce theme!